About Me
Interior Designer Pallavi Tomar
Interior Designer Pallavi Tomar

Pallavi is a talented interior designer with a passion for both commercial and residential design, and a love for creative pursuits such as product and interior photography, diys, video editing, and more. She completed her interior design studies at the prestigious institute of interior design, england and began her career as an interior designer in india. Pallavi has lived and worked in diverse countries such as the united kingdom, dubai, canada, singapore and india, which has been an enriching experience that continues to inspire her work.

Pallavi has worked with top interior designer firms in india and now leads her own firm, providing a range of services like interior design, home décor, turnkey, renovations, and more. Her passion for design extends beyond aesthetics to embrace functional and sustainable design principles, which she expertly integrates into all her projects.

Pallavi is an avid traveler and finds inspiration from exploring new places and cultures. She brings these diverse experiences to her design work, infusing a global perspective and unique aesthetic sensibilities that set her work apart. Whether designing a chic urban loft or a cozy beach house, pallavi draws upon her travels to create stunning and functional spaces that reflect her clients’ personalities and lifestyles.


Pallavi’s ultimate goal is to create spaces that promote wellness and elevate the quality of life for everyone. She firmly believes that every individual has the right to a beautiful and functional home, and she is committed to making this a reality for her clients. With passion, hard work, and dedication, pallavi strives to make a positive impact in the lives of others through her work in interior design.